About Online Shopping

How We Do It

When we say Roche Brothers is a better way to shop, we prove it in every aisle, in every department, with every visit you make to Roche Brothers. You will find service and courtesy unequaled anywhere... and our quality and freshness exceed every standard. Roche Brothers is like having several specialty stores within one store. And now, you can have it all online, right from the comfort of your own home.

You will discover our seafood department superior in every aspect because we feature Foley Fish, which is nationally recognized as an industry model for freshness. Our chefs at Roche Brothers kitchen know that many of us today simply can not prepare a homecooked meal every day. That is why our chefs create an incredible menu of foods, ready to heat and serve, that truly taste homemade. Pasta dishes, chicken entrees, beef, seafood and pizza are ready to serve, everyday.

With 15,000 grocery items available everday online, we offer an array of products to satisfy your every need. Our produce is picked daily at local farms and markets, ensuring the highest quality and freshness around. And don't forget our superior meat, deli, floral, bakery and natural departments. All delivered right to your door!!!

Our three zone, temperature controlled vans assure that all of your items will arrive at your door as fresh as when they arrived at our store. And to top it all off, your personal shopper has been trained to select only the best of the best to place in your basket.

Did we mention that all your items will be the same price as the items in our weekly flyer? That's right! You will always receive the sale prices in our weekly flyer from the store of which your order is picked.

So, sit back at your computer and select from our wide array of products.
We'll do the rest!!!

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